Monday, 1 October 2012

We have MOVED!

Hi guys
I am aware this might be wierd after 1 post but I have now created a website and will be putting all my time and energy into THAT now!
I hope you will want to check it out! It's gonna be double the fun so check it out at!meet/mainPage

Signing out....

Friday, 21 September 2012


Hi guys!
I believe an introduction is in order (as the title suggests) for those who don't know me. My name is Jada, I live in the gorgeous Sydney, Australia and am still currently in high school. My original inspiration for this blog came from , an organisation that spreads green love all round by gettings all to add their 3 things they can do to change the world. They educate folks just like you and I to be aware of the issues and think differently about how we should act, although I could go on about 3things till the cows come home I suggest you check out the site here and save me explaining.

My second inspiration (oh yes there's a second) came from my love of taking care of yourself and the benefits from it. Growing up I was force-fed freshly juiced carrot, apple and celery juices and encouraged to do yoga. We had a veggie patch, compost and chickens (+ ducklings at one point too!).

None of this really meant anythings to me until all our hippie practices (which I encourage) were taken away as we moved into the ground floor of an apartment. (Doom, doom, DOOM!)
What could we do but put down fluro-green, scratchy astro-turf (which by they way you can vacuum) that would never need to see the light of a living day. The juicer was boxed up and our overall health declined as we breathed in the stench of next doors second-hand smoke.

This blog has been designed to not only fight the seemingly never ending battle for healthy living but to motivate and encourage both you and I to get off our gluteous-maximuses and make a d
ifference to the environment.